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21 Years Gone: The Autobiography

Автор: Jack Osbourne
Год: 2006
Издание: Macmillan U.K.
Страниц: 224
ISBN: 0230015220
This inspiring autobiography details Jack Osbourne's journey from the drug and alcohol addictions that nearly killed him to his remarkable recovery and ultimate redemption. By the time Jack was 16, he was addicted to alcohol and prescription drugs, was hanging out with rock stars in LA and living a life that any teenager would aspire to—and then the reality show The Osbournes turned him into a global celebrity. As much as Jack enjoyed his fame, underneath it all he was still an awkward teenager, using his sense of humor as a protective shield. With fame and money came greater access to drugs and soon his addictions took a firmer hold on him and his behavior was soon out of control. In 21 Years Gone Jack writes with brutal frankness about his descent into addiction and the low point he reached when his mother Sharon was diagnosed with cancer. Scared that his she might die, Jack retreated further into his alcoholic shell, hating who he was, hating what he did. When Sharon realized what...
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