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202 Digital Photography Solutions: Solve Any Digital Camera Problem in Ten Minutes or Less

Автор: George H. Wallace, Chuck Gloman
Год: 2003
Издание: McGraw-Hill, TAB Electronics
Страниц: 232
ISBN: 0071421688
The digital photography market has exploded to the point that consumers now buy as many digital cameras as traditional ones. Professional and amateur photographers are busy working out how digital technology can expand the pictures they can take and the way in which they distribute them, as well as how digital effects can dramatically alter shots after the fact. This wide new world of hi-tech photography has recently jump-started a bullish book market. 202 Digital Photography Solutions is for the hobbyist or pro who isn't necessarily interested in reading a book, but is very interested in getting all they can out of their camera. Using 2-5 page solutions organized by function (composing a shot, digital editing of images) and deals in expert's tips & tricks for every aspect of digital photography - from purchasing the best equipment for your needs to composing with a digital camera (knowing what kinds of clean-up or enhancement can be later done digitally) to creatively using...
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