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201 Interview Questions: SAP Business Warehouse Information

Автор: Raj, Mani Thiyagarajan
Год: 2006
Издание: [не указанo]
Страниц: 156
ISBN: 0977725103
Finding SAP talent has become more difficult and time consuming than ever before. Buzz words are everywhere, but don't be fooled, a persons true understanding of the subject can be unlocked by using this guide. The book contains a wide variety of carefully worded questions that are designed to help you determine the best qualified candidates available today. The questions are concise and to the point, so are the answers; this allows the candidate to answer and provide the employer an in-depth understanding of whether the candidate can cut through the "fluff" and get the job done. This is not only for employers. This will allow consultants or analysts to better prepare for the dream job and set them apart from the crowd. Self confidence and knowledge are the two most common traits employers seek in potential candidates. This book allows you to refine both. Whether you are an analyst seeking a permanent position or a consultant looking for your next project, this book allows you...
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