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1C:Enterprise 8.0. A Practical Developer's Guide. Examples and Standart Technigues (+ CD)

Автор: Maxim Radchenko
Год: 2006
Издание: 1С-Паблишинг
Страниц: 580
ISBN: 5967701117
This book is a guide that supports the rapid assimilation of techniques for developing and adapting applications, using the lC:Enterprise 8.0 software. On the basis of examples from an actual application, it demonstrates the structure of various system objects, their functions and usage. Procedures written in the built-in language, including those that involve query language, contain detailed comments. The book is designed for both beginning developers who are unfamiliar with the lC:Enterprise software, as well as for those who have already created or supported applications using this software. The book can be used both as a practical guide and as a reference book. The concluding chapters contain a reference to developer's techniques covered in the book with references to the appropriate sections. The application used in this book takes into account the accumulated experience in developing for the lC:Enterprise 8.0.
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