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187 Tips for Artists: How to Create a Successful Art Career--and Have Fun in the Process!

Автор: Kathy Gulrich
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ISBN: 0974653306
In one handy volume, here are 187 easy ways for you to become a more successful artist. Inside, award-winning artist and art coach Kathy Gulrich shares some of her most insightful, and helpful, artist tips. You'll learn how to: - Get your bio, artiststatement, and resume finished once and for all - Get your artwork into galleries and shows - Keep your collectors coming back for more - Develop - and learn from - your artist community - Organize your studio - and yourself - Be evenmore creative! 187 Tips For Artists is perfect for the artist who wants to get off to a great start - and the seasoned artist who's looking for an extra edge. No matter where you are in your art career, you'll find down-to-earth, practical artist tips that will help you become more successful - starting today!
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