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101 Trends Every Investor Should Know about the Global Economy

Автор: Joseph P. Quinlan, Kathryn L. Stevens
Год: 1998
Издание: Contemporary Books (CB)
Страниц: 240
ISBN: 0809229765
The end of the Cold War, Europe's single currency, Asia's financial crisis, the rise of China, new global trade agreements, massive daily flows of capital-all of these variables and more signal an unprecedented pace of change in the global economy. Globalization has emerged as the hallmark of the 1990s, challenging U.S. investors and corporations to grasp and understand the powerful forces at work outside the United States. This thorough, readable guide presents the 101 key demographic, financial, and economic characteristics of the global economy. It provides a taut introduction for understanding the key trends of the global economy and is essential reading for anyone engaged in international business and finance. It is an excellent sourcebook and reference, incorporating subjects ranging from America's position in global trade and investment to the rise of the global "MTV generation". Conveniently organized into two-page spreads that discuss and then illustrate predominant...
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