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101 Marketing Solutions To A Bigger And Better Business: See How You Can Merge The Power Of Offline Marketing With Online Marketing Strategies To ... To Get More Leads, High Sales And Big Profits

Автор: Bob I. Walters
Год: 2011
Издание: [не указанo]
Страниц: 86
ISBN: 1461047099
The challenge to every new business today is on how to be creative and innovative while keeping costs down. Original ideas are not easy to conjure up and definitely cost a lot to put together. And for a start-up marketer on a limited budget that may not be the most practical way to go. Cost-effective marketing solutions are most often overlooked. a??Thinking outside of the boxa?? certainly gets those creative juices running because it gives rise to new solutions from old ideas. The top online marketers understand that old-fashioned, well-established marketing methods in the offline world can be taken into the online marketplace. An effective marketing campaign combined with effective technology has proven to be the most practical and most beneficial solution nowadays as it allows the online marketer to mix things up offline and online to strengthen whata??s already working. This book will show you how to put creative marketing, free publicity, and strategic joint...
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