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1,000 Ways to Be a Slightly Better Woman: How to Be Thinner, Richer, Sexier, Kinder, Saner and Happier Enough

Автор: Pamela Redmond Satran
Год: 2008
Издание: Stewart, Tabori & Chang
Страниц: 160
ISBN: 1584796715
Perfection. It's what we're all aiming for, right? Doesn't every woman want to fit - easily! - into a size 6 dress? To be a lioness in the boardroom and a tigress in bed? To be a totally dedicated wife, mother, daughter, coworker, and friend? To eat healthy, get rich, wear fabulous clothes, and, while she's at it, save the planet? Well, maybe not. What none of the self-help-book authors seem to realize is that most women don't desire - or have time for - a total physical, intellectual, or financial makeover. They just feel the need for a little tweaking. Enter Pamela Satran, a self-help guru for those who want to be just a bit better than they already are - or to stop obsessing about how they fall short of some "ideal." Издание на английском языке.
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