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100 Ready-to-use Pathfinders For The Web: One Hundred Ready-to-use Pathfinders For The Web

Автор: A. Paula Wilson
Год: 2004
Издание: [не указанo]
Страниц: 247
ISBN: 1555704905
Book DescriptionWhile library users, students, and researchers find pathfinders a valuable and time-saving resource, creating them is labor-intensive. Paula Wilson, "Tech Talk" columnist for Public Libraries, has designed this new manual to help you easily and effectively create customized products for your library. She not only provides a template and guide for creating, presenting, marketing, linking, and cataloging Web-based pathfinders, she has also collected 100 pathfinders featuring leading articles, indexes, and databases. All 100 are downloadable and ready to be customized to fit your community and collection. Topics include Health, Genealogy, Taxes, Travel, Art, Computer Science, Women?s Studies, American History Current Events, and more. All are in XHTML (presented in Cascading Style Sheets for easy conversion to any library's web site). This will help to make pathfinders a simple and effective part of your library's services.
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