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100 Great Moments Of Science

Автор: Kevin J. Cox
Год: 2010
Издание: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
Страниц: 158
ISBN: 1449542816
Did you know that Alexander Graham Bell beat Elisha Gray by just two hours in the patent of the telephone? .Did you know that Neil Armstrong was only fifteen seconds of fuel away from aborting the Apollo 11 moon landing? .Did you know that Alexander Fleming only discovered penicillin because he forgot to do the dishes before going away on vacation? .Did you know that Nicholas Copernicus didn't publish his sun-centered universe until he was on his deathbed? These are just a few tidbits amongst hundreds buried in 100 Great Moments of Science: A Look at Scientific Discovery from Archimedes to Einstein. Told in a concise two-page format these events are uniquely understandable and garnered during 20 years of teaching science in the Worcester Public Schools. Whether you are a serious science student or just a history buff in search of a good book, Mr. Cox's award winning book 100 Great Moments of Science is a must on every book shelf.
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