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1-2-3 Draw Cartoon Cars: A Step-By-Step Guide (1-2-3 Draw)

Автор: Steve Barr
Год: 2005
Издание: [не указанo]
Страниц: 62
ISBN: 0939217759
Book DescriptionWhimsical, appealing drawings spring like magic from the page as young artists learn how to make charming creations from simple shapes. Each step is carefully shown and finished in full color. Fun examples and instructions all but guarantee success for budding cartoonists! Starting with simple shapes and the most basic materials, these books show young artists the essential skills involved in combining shapes to make characters and objects, simplifying and coloring them. With 1-2-3 Draw Cartoon Cars, Steve Barr serves up an irresistible and colorful collection for artists of all ages. Starting with a Silly Car reminiscent of Dr. Seuss, he proceeds to cover basic body shapes: sedan, square car, van, station wagon, antique car - and then heads into more exotic racing and sports cars. Some vehicles include drivers (including the Rat Racer, driven by - you guessed it! - a rat), while others become the characters themselves, with bumpers or windshields sporting smiles....
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