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07-GHOST, Vol. 1

Автор: Yuki Amemiya, Yukino Ichihara
Год: 2012
Издание: VIZ Media LLC
Страниц: 200
ISBN: 1421549948
Reads R to L (Japanese Style) for teen audiences. All Teito Klein wants is to forget his murky past as an orphan and slave and to graduate from Barsburg’s military academy with his best friend Mikage. But when an overheard state secret triggers treasonous memories, he’s forced to flee from the very empire he once sought to defend! Deliberately leaving Mikage behind, Teito escapes to the Barsburg Church. There, with the help of its three bishops, he begins to unravel his role in the story of an evil god, seven ghosts, two rival empires, and his own mysterious past.
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